John Stamos 'Full House' Band Reunion Excites Fans

John Stamos, who portrayed Jesse Katsopolis on the beloved sitcom "Full House," is reuniting with his onscreen band this week.

The 49-year-old actor wrapped up his role as Uncle Jesse when the show ended in 1995, but made a special announcement on Monday.

"Never thought I'd be singing THIS song," Stamos posted to Instagram along with a video of himself recording the theme song to "Full House."

It turns out that the band made famous on "Full House" called Jesse and the Rippers are performing together again this Friday, according to People magazine.

Jesse and the Rippers will appear on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon," which airs on NBC at 12:35 p.m. EST.

Meanwhile, an account under the name Jesse Katsopolis has been tweeting in anticipation of the reunion.

"That's right world, Jesse and the Rippers are back," read the first tweet posted to the social media site last month. "Flashback to our first hit single."

Watch a video for Jesse and the Rippers' song "Forever" on YouTube here.

Fans have voiced their excitement over the band's reunion on Tuesday, including Katherine who posted, "Too good to be true!"

"Day made," added Alexander.

Stamos is not the only actor to reunite with the former television series. Bob Saget, who portrayed patriarch Danny Tanner on "Full House," recently visited the home that served at the exterior of his character's home on the series.

"I was going to do a big radio show, and I said to my driver, 'Radio can wait, take me to the 'Full House' house,'" explained Saget to Us Weekly last month. "I photobombed the 'Full House' house yesterday. I took like 20 pictures because I thought I didn't look good in any of these- you can't see the house! You gotta really show that that's the house!"

Canceled after eight seasons, "Full House" followed widowed Tanner who lived in San Francisco with his three daughters, best friend Joey, and brother-in-law Jesse. Among the cast was also Mary-Kate and Ashley Olson and Candace Cameron-Bure.