John Stamos Taking Bacterial Infection Survivor to Disneyland

John Stamos is headed to Disneyland with a very special guest -- bacterial infection survivor Kaitlyn Dobrow. The 18-year-old fan was admitted to the hospital in February and has undergone 12 surgeries, including total amputation of her arms and partial amputation of her legs.

Dobrow was admitted with flu-like symptoms and a rash that her mother, a medical transcriptionist, thought might be a sign of meningitis. Once admitted, she was diagnosed with meningococcemia, a bacterial infection of the bloodstream linked to meningitis.

The infection quickly cut off circulation to her limbs, and doctors were forced to try and save her life by performing several amputations and skin grafts. Her arms were amputated just below the shoulders and her legs amputated just below the knees.

"Initially she cried when she learned about her limbs," her father, Don Dobrow, told New York Daily News. "But the following day she said this is something I'll find a way to make work and joked, 'Who needs a left arm anyway?'"

Doctors keep Dobrow heavily medicated and sedated because of the pain the treatment she is undergoing. She has to have routine wound care, which requires her skin to be harshly scrubbed and dead skin removed. Her family is always by her side and is happy to see her when she is awake.

"We get 30-40 minute windows when she's awake, and those are wonderful," Don said. "I go home at night and do the chores, sleep a little bit and go back to the hospital in the morning. I do a lot of praying. She ministers to me; it's incredible. She's so upbeat. She gives all of us so much hope."

Now it's Kaitlyn's turn to be pampered and spend some time with a legend. Even though she still has several surgeries to go through, Kaitlyn will soon be going on a date with John Stamos, who has offered to take her to Disneyland.

"I'm ONLY doing this cause they asked," the former "Full House" star posted on Instagram, along with a photo of him with Kaitlyn. "I said no press. But this story is a must read – plus me and Katie have a date to Disneyland."

It's unknown how Stamos learned of her story, but it's sure to be one date that Kaitlyn won't soon forget.