John Travolta, Kelly Preston Dispel Divorce Rumors Amid Sexual Assault Settlement Talks

John Travolta and his wife Kelly Preston attempted to end rumors of a divorce at the premiere of "Savages" in Los Angeles on Monday night.

The actor and his wife of 22 years gave a very public display of affection while posing before cameras on the red carpet, and appeared to be unaffected by the recent influx in sexual assault claims being brought against Travolta by various men, according to Mail Online.

Preston, who had reportedly walked out of the couple's marital home due to the gay sex scandals, was all smiles for the cameras as she hugged and kissed Travolta, 58.

While some critics believe that the couple's marriage is fine, others believe that they may simply be putting on a united front to protect their children.

On May 23rd it was revealed that Preston, 49, was reportedly in the process of ending her marriage to the "Hairspray" actor after old photos surfaced of Travolta dressed in drag.

"Kelly told me their marriage is over and made it clear that she's no longer living in the family home," a friend of Preston's reportedly told The National Enquirer.

"She's put up with John's double life for decades while his behavior remained in the shadows," the source said, adding that "all this coming out in public has humiliated her. Kelly is absolutely destroyed."

The actress has not publicly addressed any of the claims recently brought against her husband, and it has now been revealed that a total of seven men are claiming that they were subject to sexual assault while in Travolta's presence during separate incidents.

Travolta's attorney, Marty Singer, has openly denied that the allegations are true, although he is now said to be in settlement talks with at least one accuser.

"John Travolta's lawyer is currently in settlement talks with one of the accusers. The goal is to have a settlement reached very quietly and quickly because John just wants this scandal to go away," a source close to the situation told

"No money has been paid yet, but it's almost a done deal. It will be an out of court settlement and John Travolta's name won't even be in the agreement to ensure complete confidentiality, along with a clause that states if the man ever goes public with his story, he will be sued for at least twice the amount of the settlement," the insider added.