'John Wick' Director, Chris Stahelski, to Direct Movie Adaptation of 'Sandman Slim'

A promo photo for the action film "John Wick 2," directed by Chris Stahelski

American director of the action-packed "John Wick" films, Chad Stahelski, has been asked to direct the movie adaptation of the best-selling fantasy novel series "Sandman Slim," which was written by Richard Kadrey. 

As reported by Deadline, "Sandman Slim" could potentially end up as a franchise — which is something that Stahelski has done well, considering that he is slated to direct a third "John Wick" film. Ever since the film's producers, Studio 8, acquired the rights to create the film adaptation of "Sandman Slim," they have always envisioned for it to become a movie franchise. 

The series of novels is considered to be one of the "best paranormal fantasy series" released in recent years, and has been translated for multiple other languages. 

This is not a far-fetched idea, especially since there are nine books in total that chronicle the adventures of "Sandman Slim" protagonist, James Stark. Stark, who is half-human and half-angel, was once a vigilante magician who eventually was sent to hell. Things take a turn when Stark decides to break out of it to investigate and seek revenge for the murder of his girlfriend. On top of that, Stark also sets out to hunt for the sorcerers who were responsible for exorcising him from the realm of humans and into the depths of hell. 

Granted that "John Wick" is a simple revenge story, it is safe to assume that Studio 8 is hoping that Stahelski can make something that is truly magical given the premise of the novels. Stahelski was successful in showing vivid imagery, and building tension in the first two "John Wick" films, which he may be able to apply for the "Sandman Slim" films as well. 

The person tasked to adapt the novel into screenplay is Kerry Williamson, whose previous works include the Netflix film "What Happened to Monday." 

As of now, there is no estimated release date yet for "Sandman Slim," but "John Wick 3" is scheduled to be released next year.