JoJo Simmons Showing Signs of Trouble?

JoJo Simmons is the topic of conversation in a strip club kidnapping, less than two weeks after he denied attempting an affair with a transgender female.

Media Takeout reported that Simmons was at a gentlemen’s’ club in Houston when he was apprehended by some strangers who forced him to exchange money for his freedom. Although Simmons reportedly arrived at the club with celebrity friends like Quincy Combs, son of music mogul Diddy, Rev. Run’s son reportedly decided to stay at the club alone after his friends left around 3 a.m.

A group of people reportedly approached Simmons and told him that he owed them money. Although Simmons did not know the men, he paid them after being roughed up without serious injury.

Simmons took to Twitter to deny the allegations brought forth by Media Takeout, a publication that alleged he attempted to have an affair with a transgender female.

"Kidnapped lol I love mediatakeout," Simmons tweeted. "Me responding only makes this more interesting, forget about it. Find facts."

Whether the stories circulating about Simmons in the media are true or false, celebrity pastor Marty Angelo told The Christian Post that he is exhibiting signs of a pastor’s kid who is rebelling against his upbringing that may have limited his experiences.

“I know quite a few PK’s and it’s a frustrating position to be in. A lot of them think they’re missing something because they have to stay so close to church,” Angelo said. “They’re always having to deal with issues that most other families don’t. There’s that pressure that is always put on them.”

It seems Simmons has been expressing some of his spiritual frustration on Twitter recently.

"Don't understand why this little boy (is) coming at me,” he tweeted without naming the individual who was causing his frustration. “I'm a man of God he worships the devil we are on two different levels."

Angelo suggested that Simmons enroll in a Christian based program to sort out some of the issues he may be encountering in life.

“I would go into some good Christian based program, even if its for a few months. Something to get grounded,” Angelo said. “You don’t have to be a heavy drug user to have a problem. But he would have to be the one to search his heart to see if there’s a problem.”