JoJo Simmons Uses 'Holy Water' to Diss Juelz Santana, Russell Simmons Discourages Beef

JoJo Simmons, Reverend Run's oldest son and a rapper, released a diss track called "Holy Water" against fellow rapper Juelz Santana that had the internet buzzing recently.

The 23-year-old son of a famed Run DMC rapper-turned-reverend released a song where he sounded off on Santana for naming him on a recent mixtape called God Willin'.

"How you gonna mention my uncle Russell then disrespect his nephew / the industry forgot you (expletive) you're nothing special," Simmons rhymed on the diss record. "Like Jigga they can't knock the hustle, these (expletives) hate to love you / Simmons will not let you."

Simmons' recent release comes on the heels of Santana's release of the song "Soft" where he rhymes, "My diamonds be shinin' like a snow globe I'm so froze / Far as that dough goes I'm Russell Simmons (you're) JoJo."

After hearing Simmons' release, Santana took to Twitter to laugh it off.

"Have I just been punked?? Where's Ashton," Santana tweeted. "Kill yaself shorty!!@RevRunWisdom lil Goofball."

However, a number of rap fans offered mixed reactions after listening to Simmons' record. One person was less than impressed with Simmons' release and tweeted, "he needs to just stop."

Yet, another rap fan thought Simmons' made the right move by speaking out against Santana saying, "I love it.. Expose these broke evicted rappers Jojo."

JoJo is not the first son of the famed Rev. Run to release a diss record against a mainstream rapper. Diggy Simmons, the 17-year-old son of Rev. Run, created a song to defend his family against alleged verbal attacks by rapper J. Cole last April.

While Simmons' father has yet to publicly react to his son's record, Russell Simmons let it be known that he did not want to be involved in his nephew's rap beef. He tweeted the editor-in-chief of his entertainment news website, Global Grind, expressing his sentiments.

"@MichaelSkolnik please Take down the jojo record," Simmons tweeted the Global Grind editor. "Don't wanna be subject of diss record, if I am don't wanna promote it."