JoJo Simmons Vindicates Himself With 'Armor of God'

After a month filled with rumors of homosexuality and extortion, JoJo Simmons has defended himself on “The New York City Breakfast Club” morning show Thursday.

JoJo Simmons, son of Hip Hop legend and minister Rev. Run, said that rumors about being kidnapped and extorted at a Houston strip club were false.

“It was some funny promoter stuff that went down. I didn't take a loss or nothing it was just a misunderstanding,” Simmons said. “I'm done with those promoters. I felt like one of the promoters was the one who told media takeout the story.”

One of the show’s hosts, Charlamagne, said Simmons was able to escape because, “that's Rev. Run's son. He has the whole armor of God on him, the whole spirit of god. He stays prayed up.”

Simmons simply smiled and said, “That’s how I felt.”

However, Rev. Run’s son was also the center of rumors about trying to have sexual relations with a transsexual female. Simmons said he was fooled by the person’s picture on Twitter that showed a body part resembling a woman.

After seeing the transsexual woman’s face, he decided to end communication with the individual. Two days later, media reports misconstrued the story.

“It was a big mistake on my behalf. It was a big misunderstanding, I never met up with the person,” Simmons said. “I was dumb by dropping my number that quick.”

The young aspiring rapper, producer and writer said his minister father spoke to him about the situation.

“My pops told me a funny story that happened when he was 18,” Simmons said. “Nothing happened, but he said it happens to the best of us as long as you really didn’t want to do it.”

Although Simmons said he did not have any issue with the gay community, he admitted to feeling attacked by them.

“I'm not gay, that's not something I intentionally want to do,” Simmons said. “I have nothing against the gay community I just feel like they picked on me with this whole situation.”

Simmons admitted to having a girlfriend who was not happy about the situation.

“I have a girl and she was (mad). She didn't believe I was gay, but she was just like
if this was a girl, all the messages you sent you would have been cheating,” he said.

However the renowned musician’s kid said he didn’t believe his girlfriend would leave him saying, “I got that Simmons’ (money) she's not going to leave that.”

The young Simmons admitted to being affected by the rumors circulating about him recently.

“I feel like people are talking crazy about me and its not the truth,” he said. “I feel like they're targeting me. I can't even go out, I'm going to stay in the house.”

Whether Simmons was joking or not, celebrity pastor Marty Angelo said that he may need to re-think the figurative road that he’s been traveling.

“I’m sure he’s got a praying family that will keep praying for him,” Angelo told The Christian Post. “But he’s going to have to go down that road. God will send a messenger if he doesn’t get off.”