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'Joker' Origin Movie Rumors: Joaquin Phoenix to Top-Bill Upcoming DC Movie

'Joker' Origin Movie Rumors: Joaquin Phoenix to Top-Bill Upcoming DC Movie

Joaquin Phoenix at the Cannes Film Festival in February 2017. Rumors claim that the "You Were Never Here" actor will be playing Joker in the DC villain's origin movie. | REUTERS/Jean-Paul Pelissier

"You Were Never Really Here" actor Joaquin Phoenix may star as the Joker in the already announced solo non-DCEU (DC Extended Universe) movie about Batman's most famous nemesis.

While unconfirmed reports last year claimed that Leonardo DiCaprio would possibly breathe life to Joker in the DC character's origin movie, the latest rumors claim that the planned movie may have already found the perfect actor to portray the role: Phoenix. Reportedly, the actor is the top choice of the upcoming project's writer and director, Todd Philips, and is amenable to the idea of playing the character. 

To recall, it was last year when Warner Bros announced that it would be producing a solo "Joker" movie that will be separate from the studio's current brand of DC movies, the DCEU, which interconnects the story of other DC movies. Hence, it goes without saying that, in the event that Phoenix really top-bills the upcoming project, Jared Leto will still be the Joker in the DCEU brand, including in the upcoming "Suicide Squad 2."

Nonetheless, as of this writing, Warner Bros has not yet issued an official statement to confirm the veracity of the reports saying Phoenix will play the Joker in the Clown Prince's origin story. Hence, fans are advised to take everything with a grain of salt for now.

What is certain, though, is that, despite the project being promising, fans are divided on whether Warner Bros should push through with it. While some fans are excited about the movie, as the exact origin of the DC villain is unknown, others are not as enthusiastic about it.

Many DC fans opine that one thing that makes Joker different from other villains is the mystery shrouding his origins. As the solo "Joker" movie will unravel the mystery on how the Joker came into being, many fans believe it will only undermine the value of Batman's most popular nemesis. 

Meanwhile, Warner Bros has yet to attach a release date for the solo "Joker" movie.


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