Jon 'Bones' Jones and UFC Fighters Try 'Harlem Shake'

The "Harlem Shake" the latest trend in internet memes created by Brooklyn, N.Y. producer Baauer has caught the attention of MMA fighter Jon Jones and a number of his UFC peers. They recently created their version of a video to the song.

A number of "Harlem Shake" videos have been created and posted on YouTube where one person begins dancing to the song while other people seem unaware. When the beat of the song begins to change, a number of people join the initial person and dance to the tune while doing other attention grabbing dances in a number of different outfits.

Jones, the 25-year-old MMA fighter who is currently the youngest world Champion in UFC history, took to his Twitter account to share a recently created "Harlem Shake" video that he created with fellow fighters Frank Mir, John Dodson and Clay Guida.

Clay Guida, 31-year old UFC featherweight fighter, also took to Twitter to introduce the video to fans.

"Don't mess with this version of the #harlemshake w my teammates @Jonnybones @JohnDodsonMMA @vannatamma & more (SIC)," Guida tweeted.

The video begins with Jones dancing while some of his peers are training in the background of the cage where their fights take place. After the beat of the song changes, the camera cuts to a number of people who have joined Jones in dancing.

A number of people reacted to the video that Jones posted on YouTube.

"This is the funniest (expletive) ever," one person wrote on YouTube.

Another individual thought Mir made the video come to life writing, "Haha Frank Mir walking around swinging his arms is hilarious."

Billboard reports that Baauer's "Harlem Shake" has reached No.1 on its Hot 100 singles chart after a string of videos have been uploaded to YouTube, increasing the popularity of the song.