Jon 'Bones' Jones Feels 'Stronger' After Arm Almost Breaks in UFC 152 Win

Jon Bones Jones, 25-year-old UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, may have had a tough year with a DUI charge and cancellation of UFC 151, but the mixed martial artist showed his mental strength by winning UFC 152 on Saturday.

Jones defeated fellow Christian fighter Vitor Belfort in the cage on Saturday, one month after he decided to decline a challenge to face Chael Sonnen in UFC 151. Jones' decision to opt out of UFC 151 came after Dan Henderson had to back out of his scheduled fight with the champion due to a knee injury.

Although Sonnen was willing to take his place, Jones wanted time to prepare for the alternate opponent, which led to mocking from the rival fighter and fans. Dana White, UFC president, even expressed disappointment in Jones' decision months after supporting him through a DUI charge.

However, Jones seemed to prove his mental toughness after he overcame an arm bar dished out by Belfort on Saturday that resulted in his limb being hyper extended to the extent that even the fighter believed it would break.

"He got that arm bar in every way shape and form. I never had my arm pop like that before," Jones revealed in his post-fight interview. "I felt it, but I've worked too hard to give up. I honestly was waiting for it to break."

Still, the 25-year-old champion said he refused to tap out, despite the condition of his arm.

"I was not going to tap out," Jones said. "But man I'll tell you what, I've never felt that before."

After Jones defeated his opponent he admitted to feeling like a stronger person after suffering from months of adversity publicly.

"It feels great. There was a quote that says adversity is the teacher of a great general," Jones said in his post fight interview. "I've got a lot of great mentors in my life... I really feel like a stronger young man standing before you guys today."

However, the mixed martial artist decided to follow his old routine of giving God the glory before his fight which ended with another win for Jones.

"I thank God for his many Blessings and I pray that his Will continues to be done in my life," Jones tweeted on Saturday. "All Glory be to God."