Jon Stewart Plastic Gun Skit: 'It's Time to Talk' (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart returned to the Daily Show with a bang on Wednesday while wielding a plastic gun and talking about gun control.

"Finally everyone is ready to talk about gun control," Stewart begins before showing a clip on an NRA speaker.

"Gun control, its not going to make any kid safer. We have to get to the real problem," the video segment began.

"Oh, I'm sorry," Stewart intoned. "I just assumed that the beginning of the conversation about gun control would start with … guns. But you uh, you want to talk about the non-gun part of um … gun violence."

Stewart then addressed the issue of video games, violent shows and movies, and more jokingly, media influence. Throughout the skit, Stewart appeared critical of the NRA and others who were avoiding a conversation about guns.

"Look we can dance around the issue all we want. We can blames movies or video games, or the mentally ill, or God, we do have to put every solution on the table," Stewart said. "It's a complex issues, but its time we talk about guns."

The president has been pushing increased and renewed gun legislation since December, following the Newtown, Connecticut shootings. The proposed laws have had a mix reaction, with the National Rifle Association suggesting more gun laws are not the solution.

The new legislation would work to reinstate the ban on assault weapons, and to outlaw high-capacity ammunition magazines.

"It is absolutely time to talk about gun control," Stewart reiterated.

But an ongoing poll conducted by the Hollywood Gossip revealed that more than 60 percent of people believed that gun control would not solve any problems and that it was "unconstitutional." The poll was conducted with over 11,000 participants.