Jordan and Robin, Sisters, Meet for First Time After 17 Years

Jordan and Robin Jeter never knew of one another until January, when they met at a track meet. The two then discovered that they were sisters, almost making Disney's "The Parent Trap" a reality.

"At first I didn't know I had any siblings," Robin told WUSA 9. "As time went on, I only though I had one sibling. I didn't know I had any more."

Robin, 17, was born nine months before Jordan, who was adopted after she was born. Robin was put into the foster care system before being assigned a legal guardian. While the two never met, they had many things in common, including a passion for track.

The two finally came face-to-face at a track meet and exchanged phone numbers. They couldn't wait to find out more about one another, including their life stories, common interests, and plans for the future.

"My team was like, 'She looks exactly like you,'" Jordan told Fox News. "I started, like, crying. I already knew about my adoption and I knew my last name was Jeter."

"I was so anxious to know more about her," Robin said. "I asked her what's your mother's name on your birth certificate, what's her birthday, what does your birth certificate say at the bottom."

"I was like, 'what is this? An interrogation?" Jordan responded. It's been so long, I just feel like I'll never been apart from her. If I wouldn't have participated in school sports, I would have never met her. I'm so thankful I joined track."

The sisters now spend every weekend together and plan to look for more of their siblings. Four siblings have been found so far, and the sisters plan to continue to work together to find any more who may be out there.

It's unknown exactly how many siblings may either be in the foster care system or have been adopted. Jordan was due to meet her biological mother yesterday on Mother's Day.