Joseph Frederick Kushner Born, Ivanka Trump Introduces Son (PHOTO)

Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner welcomed their second child; a son, on Monday, Oct. 14.

Consequently, the overjoyed parents introduced their new son by revealing his name and adding a snapshot via Twitter.

"With love we welcome our son, Joseph Frederick Kushner," Trump posted, along with a photo of herself cradling the newborn in the hospital.

It turns out that the baby boy was named after both his parents' paternal grandfathers.

"Jared's grandfather, Joseph, was a rock. His indomitable spirit, his sense of family, and his work ethic are the values we hope to hand down to our son," Trump wrote on her Tumblr account.

"My grandfather, Frederick, was a builder not just of tens of thousands of homes throughout this city, but of a tight-knit family that honors to this day the traditions he established," she continued. "Both men set the standards that have been passed down through the generations and which we hope to impart upon Joseph and Arabella."

The newborn baby boy joins older sister Arabella, 2, who was impatiently awaiting his arrival, according to Trump.

"She's really excited and borderline impatient at this point because I started talking about it around six months and she hasn't waited that long for anything in her life," Donald Trump's daughter explained to Fit Pregnancy magazine earlier this month.

Trump and Kushner had kept the baby's gender a secret until his arrival on Monday, and Trump's first birth announcement conveyed the family's delight.

"We just welcomed a beautiful & healthy son to the world," she wrote. Jared, Arabella and I couldn't be happier! Arabella is at home with her grandmother practicing her swaddle before her little brother comes home!"

Ahead of his arrival, Trump revealed her pregnancy diet and the perks of having small children.

"One of the great thing about having a toddler is that you actually have produce in the fridge," said the former model. "When I was living with just my husband, I'd stress about buying raspberries because I'd know they'd go bad before I'd eat them. Now it's such a pleasure to open my refrigerator and see all kinds of fruit."

The businesswoman went on to reveal that she prefers "full fat" yogurt with fruit and that water has played a huge role in her pregnancy.

"When I wake up, I have a glass of water with lemon," Trump told Fit Pregnancy. "Before I was pregnant, all I drank was coffee, but now I drink a tremendous amount of water. I get anxiety if I go for 30 minutes without a glass of water near me!"