Josh Brent's Car Hit 110 MPH Before Car Accident, NFLer Faces 20 Years

Josh Brent's car was traveling at a high rate of speed before the fatal accident that killed his Dallas Cowboys teammate Jerry Brown in December. Authorities determined that the nose tackle's vehicle was going at least 110 mph, and could have hit as much as 134 mph on Highway 114 in Texas.

Josh Brent was in his car with teammate Jerry Brown after leaving Beamer's Nightclub Dec. 8. The night out partying left Brent intoxicated, according to police reports obtained by local NBC 5, but the pro football player decided to drive anyway. Neither were wearing seatbelts.

Brent's car flipped after hitting a curb going over 100 mph, and security cameras captured the NFLer speeding just minutes before the accident. In addition to driving with a blood-alcohol content of 0.189- that's twice the legal limit- Brent had an expired and suspended license. Although the football player told police the car's steering was "a little shaky" at the time of the accident, nothing was found to be wrong with the vehicle.

Brent was arrested and indicted on intoxication manslaughter charges. He is currently out on $100,000 bail.

Despite the rather damning evidence against the 25-year-old player and the death of teammate Jerry Brown, Brent's possible sentence- a minimum of 20 years in prison- may never happen. The NFL player's lawyer suggested probation, but because prosecutors were still fact-finding, they did not deny it, according to The Dallas Morning News.

"In an ordinary case, similar to this, given the decedent's family support, the district attorney would normally agree to probation," Attorney George Milner argued, saying that he would most likely tell his client to accept the deal. "With that said, the high-profile nature of a case like this frequently causes prosecutors to behave in ways they otherwise would not."

First Assistant District Attorney Heath Harris said that the case would probably go to trial for a jury to decide.

Brent has a previous conviction for DWI in Illinois, where he is originally from.