Josh Hamilton's Wife and Kids Threatened by Ranger's Fans: Learn Lesson of Faith

Los Angeles Angel's outfielder Josh Hamilton says his kids learned a "good lesson" about putting their faith in God on Friday when his wife and two daughters were bombarded by angry fans.

Hamilton, a former Ranger's player, told reporters in Arlington that fans became so aggressive during his game against the Texas team on Friday that his wife, who was sitting in the stands with the couple's two children, was forced to call security.

"She ended up calling security just because people are being ugly,"Hamilton, who was 0 for 4 in the Angels' 3-2 loss, told ESPN. "Not necessarily the booing and stuff, but inappropriate with kids around -- and that was before the game even started."

The family had attempted to secure a suit but was unable to because the more exclusive seating had already been sold out. Ranger's officials confirmed that security was sent, but the family remained in their seat to help cheer on their dad. Hamilton said the incident helped teach his children a lesson about faith.

"They stayed right there," he told reporters. "Good lesson for the kids about people and general and not putting your faith in man, but in the man upstairs."

Hamilton said after the game that his family was fine and that his two girls appeared to get over the incident quickly.

"They weren't upset when they got home," Hamilton said of his daughters. "They kissed me and hugged me and said good game. They went on playing with the friends they had over. It was like coming home from any other game."

While a little booing here and there may be okay, Hamilton added that the fans had gone overboard.

"It's cool to get ragged on about normal things. But when you get a little swearing and jawing back at Katie and saying inappropriate things, it's a little different story," he said.

Hamilton's family made plans to attend his remaining two games in more secluded seating.