Josh Powell Buried Away From Sons, Cops Purchase Adjoining Plots

Police have purchased burial plots next to Josh Powell's sons in an attempt to keep him away from the boys after death.

Pierce County Sheriff Paul Pastor and Detective Ed Troyer have each purchased a plot on either side of the children in an effort to keep their murderer away from his victims. According to reports, the plots, purchased in Pastor's and Troyer's names were paid for by Crimestoppers and private donations.

"We might not be able to keep Josh Powell out of the cemetery, but it's way better than having him right next to the boys," said Troyer. "Bottom line is, it's not fair for murder victims to have the murder suspect laid to rest next to them. It's hurtful to the community and dishonors the boys."

Susan Powell's parents, Charles and Judy Cox, have hired an attorney to prevent Powell from being buried in the same cemetery as the children.

"For him to be buried near those kids is just unthinkable. For God's sake, for them to lose Susan first, and then the boys, and now this? Just give these people a break," said attorney Anne Bremner.

7-year-old Charles and 5-year-old Braden were killed in a deliberate home explosion on Feb. 5 and were memorialized this past Saturday. Thousands of mourners filled a church in Tacoma, Washington to honor the two boys.

No mention was made of their father, Josh, who attacked the boys before setting the fire and killing himself.

"These were two happy little boys caught in the middle of a family dispute, caught in the middle of evil that some other people were doing," Pastor Dean Curry told Reuters. "But they were innocent and they deserve a moment … so we're going to give it to them."

People have reacted favorably to the policemen's decision to purchase the plots. "Thank goodness Det. Ed Troyer & Sheriff Paul Pastor…were so quick to react… Just imagining the boys' Grandparents and other relatives having to view that plot…is infuriating!" commented Yvonne Gordon.

Theresa Tucker noted, "These cops are heroes!"