Joshua Holley: Shark Attack Victim Undergoes Surgery

A surfer from Hawaii is lucky to be alive after an encounter with a shark of the shores of Oahu left him in the hospital needing surgery.

Joshua Holley, a 28-year-old from Waialua, was surfing by himself on the North Shore of Oahu Tuesday around 12:45 p.m. when the surfer felt something grab hold of his left foot.

To his surprise Holley's foot was in the mouth of a 10-foot Tiger shark. Thinking quickly he hit the shark several times on the nose and the shark released his hold only to re-attack Holley biting his foot once again.

Honolulu lifeguard operations Chief Jim Howe explained to the Honolulu Star-Advertiser that the shark came up to Holley from behind, attacked him once, let go and then attacked him for a second time.

Using his board to fend off the shark Holley was able to get back on his board and paddle back to the shore.

"I felt this unreal push on the left side of my body and it was like this popping sensation on my foot. I look down to my left and I see this huge dorsal fin," Holley told Hawaii News Now.

"Survival mode kicked in and I punched it really hard once and then twice. I didn't want to panic or go into shock or anything like that."

Howe told Hawaii News Now that Holley was treated on the beach before paramedics took him to Wahiawa General Hospital. Holley underwent surgery on his left foot on Wednesday.

Ocean safety officials have told beach goers to remain on land and to stay out of the water areas in the proximity of where the attack occurred.

Warning signs were posted at several North Shore beaches including; Ali'i Beach Park, Chun's Reef Support Park, Ehukai Beach Park, Haleiwa Beach Park, Ke'Waena Beach Park, Laniakea Beach Support Park, Sunset Beach Park and Waimea Bay Beach Park.