Judge Sentences Catholic Man to Spend 12 Weekends at Baptist Church

(Photo: The Christian Post/Napp Nazworth)Audience during a worship service for the "Evangelical Day of Prayer and Action for Immmigration Reform," at Church of the Reformation, Washington, D.C., April 17, 2013.

No, this is not satire. An Ohio judge decided that a Catholic man had to pay his debt to society in the most ecclesiastical way possible: by attending worship at a Baptist church.

Judge William Mallory of the Hamilton County Courthouse in Cincinnati sentenced 23-year-old Jake Strotman to attend worship at a Baptist church for 12 consecutive Sundays.

According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, Mallory sentenced Strotman to this peculiar sentence due to his offense stemming from a fight with some Baptist street preachers.

"Strotman would be sentenced to attend 12 consecutive Sunday services at Morning Star Baptist Church. He was ordered to attend each entire 90-minute service, and is required to get the weekly program signed by the minister," reported the Enquirer.

"That's 18 hours of solid Baptist teaching. He also paid $480 in court fines and a $2,800 lawyer bill."

Strotman appears to be accepting of the sentence, preferring it over jail time. So maybe it is not a fate worse than death after all.