Judith MacNutt: 'Angels Are For Real' Author Mixes Spirituality Into Therapy

Dr. Judith MacNutt has published a timely book entitled "Angels Are For Real: Inspiring, True Stories and Biblical Answers." The book explores the otherworldly realm and examines the relationship between psychological healing and the Supernatural.

"I was working in a psychiatric hospital," MacNutt told The Christian Post. "After being there, I noticed that patients who had latest, most up-to-date, treatments often came back, and needed further treatment. I prayed about it, and the Lord directed me to read Isaiah 61, which told me that we need to incorporate spirituality into therapy."

MacNutt began incorporating prayer and healing into her psychiatric treatment for patients and noticed a dramatic difference: patients did not come back.

"God wanted to be involved in people's pain and suffering, so we incorporated that into the treatment and they were restored," she explained.

Now MacNutt and her husband, Francis, run Christian Healing Ministries, which teaches the tenets of the power of prayer, which is something that MacNutt said can change lives.

"I always wanted to help people- psychology is good diagnostically, but it doesn't necessarily help cure the person, understanding the problem," said MacNutt.

"The church has lost so many members due to its failure to heal," she continued. "We've lost our inheritance in the name of Jesus … He taught and preached and delivered, but in the Middle Ages, the church began losing an active faith in healing. There's a wonderful realm that people are hungry to get back to … to know there's Heaven, angels, healing!"

It's a hunger, she said, that is felt by nearly 70 percent of people who attend church. These people, MacNutt pointed out, often go for the counseling and are seeking direction.

"They're looking for help on that level … the average person or priest is not trained to deal with those questions or situations," she said.

That's where Christian Healing Ministries provides what they call much-needed education and support for all those who need it.

"Angels Are For Real" is available now.