Juliana Redding Murder: Female James Bond Committed Killing, Claim Prosecutors

The Juliana Redding murder has taken a sordid twist as prosecutors claim a female "James Bond" was behind the killing.

The 21 year old aspiring actress was strangled to death in 2008, and prosecutors in LA have claimed that the woman accused of the killing was in fact an enforcer hired by a wealthy doctor to take care of anyone who dared to cross him.

Court documents say that the woman arrested for the murder, Kelly Soo Park, was hired by a wealthy Lebanese doctor, Munir Uwaydah. She was allegedly paid to use "threats, intimidation and bullying" against Redding, according to ABC News.

The prosecutors claim that Park was paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to be a "debt collector" for the doctor. Park has been called a "James Bond" style acquaintance of Uwaydah's, by prosecutors, according to court documents.

A pre-trial motion will take place Friday where Park is scheduled to appear charged with Redding's murder.

Redding was found killed in her Santa Monica apartment on March 16, 2008. Park was arrested soon after.

It is claimed that Park strangled Redding to death with her "bare hands," and forensic evidence is being used by prosecutors to prove that Park was at the crime scene. It is believed that forensic evidence found at Redding's neck places Park at the crime scene.

However, Park has maintained her innocence and has pleaded not guilty to the murder charge against her.

Prosecutors meanwhile have said Park "committed other distinctive acts of misconduct against similar victims under similar circumstances which exhibit common features of threats, intimidation and bullying for the purpose of assisting Dr. Uwaydah's business interests."