Juliette Turner, 14-Year-Old Author, on Founding Fathers and Religion in US

Juliette Turner is not your typical 14-year-old girl. For example, she loves historical documents such as the Constitution and the Federalist Papers and has even published the newly released book "Our Constitution Rocks!" which is being considered for use in schools across the nation.

Turner took the time to speak with The Christian Post about how she got so involved in American history and the role she sees religion playing in the country.

CP: What was the inspiration for "Our Constitution Rocks"?

Turner: Three years ago, during spring break- 11 years old- mom encouraged to read the Constitution. Sparked an interest in me, non-partisan document, for the lay of the land. Mom founded Constituting America to teach youth, adults. Became youth director … was appalled to see how little younger audiences knew about it. Founders knew the Constitution would protect [the people, but it's] up to [the people] to know how to do so.

Scholars from all across America gathered, she read those, and then wrote 90 essays for kids- fun facts. Zondervan asked about working together, [and] based on 90 chapters on each essay. [She] tried to explain why her generation should care about the Constitution- what has it done for me lately?

CP: What has been the response from adults and your peers?

Turner: I believe my generation is awakening to the fact that our country is in our hands: we're in debt (not as a result of anything in particular, but there are issues that must be dealt with). We must vote based on the Constitution … it's gotten us past 200 years so far. We're lighting the candles one at a time.

A lot of schools and home-schoolers are finding a lot of interest in my book (ages 8-college) but the bottom line … it's great for law students. Had law students [say they] "would have loved using this book." It's a great honor, so important to be doing this: [I'm] awakening in kids our age the love of [our] country that my mother instilled in me.

CP: Are there any other documents you want to explore?

T: My mother read the Federalist Papers, and I would read some to her on the way back from ballet … I would love to do that; I love writing and American history.

CP: What other books do you have planned?

T: Currently working on a novel about life on her ranch with Zondervan. I'm very strong in my Christian faith. I love working with them, having the Christian background before we met … we're doing this for America and God. It's important to remember that I'm just a servant, a vessel for God.

CP: What role do you see religion playing in America?

T: I try to start day with meditation, prayer, [and] Bible reading … mother instilled strong sense of Christianity [and] belief. I believe God had a hand in the founding of our country. We have the freedom of religion here and must continue to be a nation of faith. In the attempt to have a nation of free religion, some have been restricted. We just have to be careful not to alienate but to embrace other religions. Elected officials are allowed to practice religion as long as they don't indoctrinate the country. Faith is a very big part.

"Our Constitution Rocks!" is published by Zondervan and is available online and in stores now.