'Justice League' News: Digital Home Copy of Movie Confirms Alfred and Superman Meeting

Facebook/Justice League Movie"Justice League's" Blue-Ray copy is slated to arrive on March 13.

The digital home copy of "Justice League" has confirmed that Alfred Pennyworth (Jeremy Irons) and Superman (Henry Cavill) are featured together in a scene in the movie.

The digital copy of "Justice League" was finally released this week, and it offers answers to the question that has baffled the fans for quite some time. To recall, fans found themselves in a guessing game upon the arrival of the "Justice League" trailer at last year's SDCC (San Diego Comic Con) as one of the scenes in the trailer shows Alfred talking to an out-of-frame character.

"He said you would come. Now let's hope you're not too late," Alfred tells the then-mysterious character.

Just when the fans thought that the mystery would be solved when "Justice League" was released in November last year, many were disappointed that the scene in reference had not been included in the theatrical cut of the movie. However, with the release of "Justice League's" digital home copy recently, it has been confirmed that the mysterious character is no less than Superman himself.

The said scene opens with Alfred working on some of Batman's (Ben Affleck) vehicles when he notices that his glass is shaking. It is followed by Superman flying down and greeting Alfred as he says, "I'm assuming you're Alfred." This prompts Alfred to respond by referring to Superman as "Master Kent" and delivering his once mysterious line featured in the trailer.

Apart from the said scene, the digital home copy of "Justice League" has also confirmed that the anticipated black Superman suit is a part of the movie after all. Prior to the release of the digital home copy of the movie, another deleted "Justice League" scene leaked online showing the Man of Steel returning to the Kryptonian ship after his resurrection. As he walks down the hall decorated with several types of Kryptonian suit, the black suit that has been known as what the superhero wears after he resurrects in the comic books, is revealed.

The digital home copy of "Justice League" is now available while the Blue-Ray edition of the movie is slated to arrive on March 13.