Justin Bieber Admits Having 'Lots of Insecurities' During Transition Into Adulthood

Justin Bieber may have had dozens of fans camping out to watch him perform on Friday's "Today" show, but the 18-year-old Canadian crooner told Matt Lauer that he was insecure about his transition into adulthood.

"I'm 18 and have a lot of insecurities," Bieber told Laueer on Friday. "At the end of the day, me being in my position doesn't get rid of those insecurities."

The singer told Lauer that his "Believe" album, slated for a June 19 release date, should help him transition from a teen heartthrob to an adult.

"I think (this album) is about proving people wrong and going out there and making good music and going out there and performing better than everyone else," Bieber said. "That's what I have to do to cross over (to being an adult performer). Or else I'll just be another teen heartthrob, and I want to be remembered."

Although it seems Bieber is anxious to grow up, his manager recently said the singer has a long way to go. Scooter Braun, Bieber's manager, refused to call the "Boyfriend" singer an adult artist just yet in a recent interview with Billboard magazine.

"Adult artist? Just because he's legal now doesn't mean he's an adult," Braun told Billboard. "He still needs guidance; he's still finding his way. He's no longer a boy, but he's definitely not yet a man."

Although he is looking to make a transition into adulthood with the album that he co-wrote, Bieber said he agreed with Braun's statements.

"I agree with him. I think that I'm in a place where I'm 18, I'm still growing up, I'm still learning about different things, girls, my music," Bieber told Lauer. "I'm not all the way there. Im at a stage where I'm growing and my fans are growing with me. I just want to make music that reflects that."