Justin Bieber Allegedly Urinates in Mop Bucket, Fans Defend Him: 'He's 19' (VIDEO)

Justin Bieber allegedly urinated in a mop bucket instead of heading to the bathroom when leaving a nightclub recently. The move disgusted some of his critics, but fans of the Canadian pop star defended him, saying he's simply acting out in his teenage years.

Justin Bieber's exploits were filmed at a nightclub when he, his bodyguard and his entourage were leaving the area. Instead of making his way upstairs, the singer, who barely faces the camera during the video, decides to use the yellow janitor's bucket instead.

"You know, you'll forever remember that," one friend, who is off-camera, said. "You're not gonna remember him [urinating] in the restroom. Like everybody does that."

After the self-proclaimed "wild kids" laugh the matter off, the head upstairs, but not before pausing at a picture of former President Bill Clinton on the wall.

"F--- Bill Clinton!" Bieber said, spraying some cleaning solution at the picture.

Some fans were outraged at the behavior, saying he should know better and had a responsibility to do so.

"That is disgusting. What if the cleaner doesn't know that Bieber p----- in the bucket, and used the p--- water to 'clean' the floors? How are the Beliebers going to defend this act of stupidity?" one user wrote on the TMZ blog.

However, fans of the singer thought the celebrity entertainment website, who called Bieber a "self-important little twit," were being much too hard on him.

"The nerve of Justin Bieber and his friends to get a little drunk and act crazy!!!!! Everybody knows teenagers in real life never do that! … Get over it! He's a teenager and teenagers do some dumb things some times," Suzanne Smith wrote.

"He's 19, possibly been having a few drinks messing round with his friends, you're acting like he's the only person in the world that has done something like that? "

Some doubted whether the person in the video was even Bieber himself: the "Boyfriend" singer is known for having tattoos on the arm that was exposed in the video and his face is barely shown throughout the short clip.

"I am thinking this is fake ... I don't think this is Justin," one TMZ reader wrote.

To see the video, click below (WARNING: Adult language).