Justin Bieber Asked to Buy Tombstone for Canadian Stabbing Victim

Justin Bieber may be an international pop star, but one Winnipeg, Canada resident is looking for his help to purchase a tombstone for her friend who was stabbed to death in their native country.

Since Bieber recently made a stop in Winnipeg, Faith Buchanan said she has been sending hundreds of tweets to the singer so that her friend Cherie Richard could receive a proper burial.

"@justinbieber is in Winnipeg and if I had a Bieber signal I'd have it in the skies, please Justin help me get my friend a tombstone," Buchanan tweeted the singer on Thursday.

In an interview with the Winnipeg Sun, Buchanan explained why she chose to target Bieber for help.

"He's gone through quite a few cities and got a lot of requests for help. And he's gone and done it. And he's just an all-around good guy -- so I figured if anyone could help it would be him," Buchanan said. "I don't know. He's Justin Bieber."

While Buchanan tweeted a number of messages to the singer, she also targeted many of his fans' Twitter accounts.

"I'm going to be blowing up your feed I'm Looking for BELIEBERS for help here RT RT RT RT So I can get justins help 2 get my friend a tombstone," she tweeted.

Richard, Buchanan's friend lost her life in late July after she and her sister were bicycling and were approached by a male and two female strangers. Buchanan said an argument ensued, which resulted in the fatal stabbing.

Although Richard was rushed to the hospital, she lost her life after being in critical condition.

According to Buchanan, Richard's grandmother offered up her funeral plot but the family is still unable to afford the tombstone to lay the 20-year-old victim's body to rest.

If Bieber does not respond to her requests, Buchanan said she will work to put together a fundraiser in December. However, she is remaining optimistic that her social networking will prove successful and catch Bieber's attention.

"I've probably sent out close to 100 tweets. So hopefully he'll see at some point," Buchanan said. "I've got quite a few followers, too, starting to retweet the stuff."