Justin Bieber Baby Allegations Dropped, But Star Will Still Take DNA Test

Although a paternity lawsuit against Justin Bieber has allegedly been dropped by Mariah Yeater, the singer will still take the DNA test to prove once and for all that he is not the father of her baby.

According to E! News, Bieber’s publicist said the pop star still plans to take the DNA test to hold “those involved with bringing this suit accountable for their actions.”

"All this stuff is dealt with by my legal team. But if they want me to then I will," said Bieber according to The Sun.

When questioned about what he would say to Yeater the pop sensation responded: "Nothing, I wouldn't waste my time… I guess (she's done this) for attention, but it's not something I am interested in."

"These people are not worth my thought or time," Bieber added.

According to Bieber, these "lies will eventually be exposed."

Bieber has always denied allegations that he fathered Yeater’s baby since the suit first surfaced. He insists that he has never met Yeater before and that the whole story is “completely made up.”

Recently, a set of text messages that Yeater sent to her friend has been released by TMZ. One message read: “Pleeease ERASE ALL MESSAGES from my mom where she says Tristyn is Robbie’s Son.” Another reads: “I’ll kick u when we get paid. I’m trusting you pleeease.”

Another text also says: “Would you please stress to Robbie how important it is for him to be in his son’s life?”

Regarding the text messages, Bieber’s legal team says they are evidence that Yeater is a liar. Bieber’s attorney Howard Weitzman told E! News in a statement that: “This information proves Mariah Yeater fabricated the story. Our independent investigation indicates Ms. Yeater never met Justin, she has consistently identified another man as the child’s father, and Ms. Yeater and her co-conspirators hatched this scheme in order to extort money from him and to sell her story to the media.

“There have been no settlement discussions and there never will be.”

Bieber recently joked about the allegations in a radio interview yesterday: “If it was up to me, it would have been a better story, like, ‘Justin Bieber went off to like South America with this 27-year-old supermodel’,” he said. “That would have been an awesome rumor.”

He also said: “As far as the whole baby situation, it’s unfortunate that it had to happen like that. That people make false accusations, but things happen in this industry and you just have to keep your head high and be positive and that’s all I really have to say.”

Yeater claimed that Bieber is the father of her 4-month-old child, Tristyn Anthony Markhouse Yeater, who was allegedly conceived in a brief sexual encounter after the pop star's concert in October 2010 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.