Justin Bieber Baby Claim: What Does Selena Gomez Think?

Selena Gomez seems to be unfazed by reports that her boyfriend, pop sensation Justin Bieber, has been accused of fathering a child.

Despite the allegations, a cheery Gomez was spotted on the red carpet of the Stars 2011 Gala Monday night. The charity event took place at the swanky Beverly Hilton hotel.

The dynamic teen duo has been dating for about ten months, and it remains to be seen if the lawsuit will tear the two apart.

Mariah Yeater, the 20-year-old mother of Tristyn Yeater, claims that she and Bieber had sex in the backstage area of one of his concerts Oct. 25 of last year. When Yeater discovered she was pregnant, she attempted to reach out to the pop star for help.

Yeater, under oath, told a judge, “I tried to contact [Bieber] through his representatives but no one ever called me back.”

She added, “I believe Justin Bieber is in fact that father of my baby,” reported Star magazine.

The Canadian pop star’s camp has wholly denied the accusation, calling it, “malicious, defamatory, and demonstrably false,” in talks with the website Radar. Bieber and his people have yet to see the lawsuit Yeater filed Monday, but seem sure that her claims are greatly exaggerated.

However, the California mother appears very certain. She has demanded that Bieber take a paternity test and “provide adequate support for my baby.”

The infant, which is now nearly four months old, was born July 6, “exactly 36 weeks and two days after the sexual encounter,” said Yeater to Star magazine.

Bieber, however, has stated multiple times that he is a Christian. In a Rolling Stone interview, he declared, “I don’t think you should have sex with anyone unless you love them.”

This runs contrary to Yeater’s version of events, which described her affair with Bieber to happen suddenly and end extremely quickly.

If Bieber is found to be the child’s biological father, Yeater could be entitled to a portion of his vast wealth, rumored to be around $85 million.