Justin Bieber Baby Drama: Will Christians Abandon Star if Sex Allegations Prove True?

Two faith writers recently told Fox News they believe there is a chance that teen pop sensation Justin Bieber's Christian fanbase could forgive him if the allegations that he fathered a baby in a quick tryst with a 20-year-old turn out to be true.

Mariah Yeater, the young woman claiming Bieber fathered her baby, has filed a lawsuit against the star requesting a paternity test and that he pay child support. She claims the then-16-year-old star lost his virginity to her after a concert in Oct. 2010 when Yeater went backstage to meet Bieber, in a bathroom encounter that lasted only 30 seconds.

Bieber is known for being open about his faith and has said that he believes people should wait to have sex until they find a person they are in love with.

Cathleen Falsani, who wrote a book about Bieber entitled "Belieber: Fame, Faith, and the Heart of Justin Bieber," a work that gives insight into the singer's faith and beliefs, told Fox News she does not think his Christian fanbase will be so quick to alienate him.

"Some people will look at this and say, if he is having sex before he is married, then he can't be a Christian," she said. "If that were true, we wouldn't have that many Christians out there. I think any time you have a teen idol out there who is sweet and chaste, it is going to be unsettling when he comes into adulthood and is sexualized,and that may bring some uncomfortable questions for parents. But you need to remember that not all evangelical Christians are judgmental. We can be loving and forgiving."

However, faith and pop culture blogger Lilit Marcus said the allegations might do some damage in the beginning stages if they turn out to be true.

"If the rumors end up being true, I do think it would initially alienate his Christian fan base," she told Fox News. "On a most basic level, these are people who don't believe in premarital sex."