Justin Bieber Baby Mama: Mariah Yeater Mother Jailed for Battery

The woman who accused Justin Bieber of fathering her baby, Mariah Yeater is facing further rebuke over the legitimacy of her claims, after a police report revealed her mother was convicted of battery and causing serious bodily injury.

The incident occurred in San Diego Nov. 2007, when Mariah’s mother, Michelle Yeater, put a store clerk into hospital following a violent confrontation, according to RadarOnline.

The police disclosure described, “Yeater and Ross got into an argument over money. Yeater struck Ross in the left eye with a closed fist.”

Dominique Ross, the woman who suffered the attack, shared with the publication that there was no reason at all for Michelle’s attack. Michelle was convicted for battery and served two-years in prison.

The revelation throws more doubt on Mariah Yeater’s claims that pop star Justin Bieber fathered her son. Previously TMZ reported that in Dec. 2010 she also accused her ex-boyfriend of fathering the baby.

When he denied the claims Mariah reportedly slapped him; she is currently preparing for a trial in relation to the attack and may face up to six months in prison.

One Twitter user, TeamOurBieber, tweeted on Friday: “Why are people still talking about Mariah Yeater? All she wants is Justin Bieber's money and the attention. Leave the idiot alone.”