Justin Bieber Baby Mama: Mariah Yeater Says She’ll Take Lie Detector Test

Justin Bieber’s alleged baby mama, Mariah Yeater, has devised a new way to convince the public that the pop star fathered her child – take a lie detector test.

“I have nothing to hide,” the San Diego mother said, according to the Daily Fill.

The Canadian pop star and his camp have all but ignored the rumors, issuing a few statements, but not much more. Yeater and her lawyers even offered to settle with Bieber for an undisclosed sum, but the star and his legal team refused.

Yeater said she had tried to contact Bieber before attempting legal action, but couldn’t get through his representatives. Now, over a year later, she wants him to “provide adequate support” for the child’s needs.

“This is a very serious matter, but it had to be brought to his attention,” she said.

Apparently, this was the only way that could be done.

In the face of considerable controversy and ramifications, Yeater is adamant that her tryst with Bieber happened and that it resulted in her 4-month-old love child.

Bieber is as stubborn in his denial of the charges. His camp issued a statement calling the 20-year-old mother’s story “malicious, defamatory, and demonstrably false” – never admitting that Justin ever met the woman.

Yeater to convince the public of her story, has used some unconventional methods, citing the infant’s resemblance of Bieber as a valid reason why the two could be related.

She also has pinned some very out-of-character actions on the star, asserting that the two had a 30-second tryst in a backstage bathroom. For Bieber, who is a self-proclaimed Christian, having sex with a woman he barely knew would be the antithesis of his spotless image.

Yeater also lost credibility in her struggle to convince the public that the baby was Bieber’s when her ex-boyfriend came forward. The former beau, John Terranova, said that she tried to say the baby was his, but he didn’t fall for it because the dates didn’t match up.

“I know it's not Justin Bieber. She just wants money," he said, according to Celebs.Gather.com.

Bieber is worth a reported $85 million.

In two weeks, the pop star will return from Europe and immediately take a paternity test to put the rumors to rest.