Justin Bieber 'Baby Mama' Offered Settlement Deal Before Making Case Public (VIDEO)

Justin Bieber had a chance to settle with Mariah Yeater, the woman accusing him of fathering her child, before the case became public, but avoided the ordeal, a member of Yeater’s legal team shared.

 Justin Bieber Could Have Settled Accusations that He Fathered a Child Before News Became Public

Jeffrey Leaving, a lawyer for the 20-year-old woman went on Dr. Drew Pinksy’s “Lifechangers” show Tuesday and revealed he tried to get Bieber to agree to a settlement before the case was filed. However, he did not receive a reply from the pop-singer’s camp, wrote Radar Online.

Leaving shared that his team is confident the DNA tests from the pop star will determine that he is the father of Yeater’s child. He warned, however, the tests need to be “carefully supervised” to make sure the results are accurate and that no information is tampered.

The lawyer also commented that Yeater is facing much stress dealing with the situation, saying, “She probably doesn’t even know what to do right now, aside from caring for her child.”

Yeater already received death threats from Bieber fans on Twitter, and the pop star may even decide to sue for false accusations and libel.

If proven the father of the baby, however, the teen heartthrob would have to pay child support, and the case might have significant consequences for his career, and may risk alienating his young fan base.