Justin Bieber 'Baby Mama' Rumors to be Resolved by DNA Test?

If Bieber is the father, the so-called 'Baby Mama' has 'hit the jackpot,' says lawyer

Justin Bieber might have to take a paternity test to resolve the allegations that he is the father of Maria Yeater's baby, according to experts in family law.

People magazine spoke to family law lawyers who believe that a DNA test might be the only way to quell the rumors if there is any possibility that Bieber did indeed have sex with Yeater.

"The judge has to weigh two things: Bieber's right to privacy versus the child's right to know who the father is," Los Angeles family law attorney Steve Mindel, who is not involved with the case, told People. "Unless the judge thinks the woman made everything up, the court will likely order the test as the quickest resolution."

Yeater's attorneys claim they have evidence that there was an encounter between the two, according to several reports. And if a DNA test proves that Bieber is the father, Yeater will have "hit the jackpot," says family law attorney Lynn Soodik, also not involved in the case.

"[Yeater] could potentially receive tens of thousands of dollars in monthly support until the child turns 18. By law, a child is entitled to live the same standard as the father," Soodik told People.

Despite the allegations, Yeater's ex-boyfriend, John Terranova, thinks the whole thing is a "scam."

"I know it's not Justin Bieber," Terranova told the New York Post. "She just wants money. It's a scam."

Terranova claims that Yeater had also accused him of being the father of her child, which he denied.

According to TMZ, Yeater and Terranova had a tumultuous relationship, with Yeater getting physically abusive at least one time. The celebrity website spoke to a mutual friend of the former couple, who said that after Terranova denied being the father of her child, she broke his car window "out of rage."

After returning later that day to work out a payment plan for the broken window, Yeater allegedly got physical, slapping Terranova three times in the face.