Justin Bieber Battery Case Under Investigation

A neighbor has accused Justin Bieber of assault and battery, leading to an investigation by authorities.

According to reports by TMZ, Bieber and the neighbor got into an argument over the noise at his home and the fact that his house was "packed with partiers" while he was touring in Europe. Bieber had been abroad and the neighbor approached him as soon as he returned to his home in Calabasas, Cal., even crossing onto the singer's property.

Bieber allegedly yelled at the man to leave, but witnesses told TMZ that Bieber did not have any physical contact with him. Instead, he went into his house and waited while security escorted the man off his property. While it's unclear who called the police, they did show up at one point and went to Bieber's home to investigate the claims.

Another report, however, states that the argument between Bieber and his neighbor was over the use of Bieber's Ferrari. The neighbor was allegedly distressed that Bieber was driving the car at a high speed through the neighborhood, possibly putting residents in danger.

No charges have been filed in the case, as police are still investigating the claims and interviewing witnesses. It's not the first time that Bieber's temper has gotten him in trouble, though.

In January, Moshe Benabou, a bodyguard for Bieber, filed a suit against his former employer for assault, battery, and overtime fees. Benabou is seeking $421,261 in damages, the Huffington Post reported.

One of the first accounts of battery was filed by a photographer who claimed that Bieber hit him and destroyed his camera when approached. The District Attorney declined to file any charges due to a lack of evidence.

So far Bieber has avoided the courtroom; it remains to be seen what this latest investigation will turn up.