Justin Bieber Buys Home for $6 Million

Teen pop star Justin Bieber purchased a home in Calabasas, California for just over $6 million Wednesday.

The "Boyfriend" singer selected a home in an affluent area of the San Fernando Valley, 22 miles from Los Angeles. The 9,000 square-foot property was originally priced at $7.5 million, but Bieber drove a hard bargain, taking the price down.

Bieber, who is constantly flanked by screaming fans and zealous paparazzi, is said to have chosen the mansion because it comes with two security gates.

He is expected to move in at the end of June and local residents are pleased to welcome the 18-year-old to their neighborhood.

Even the mayor of Calabasas, Mary Sue Maurer, said she is thrilled Bieber is moving to the area, according to TMZ.

"Justin is welcomed to Calabasas and his privacy will be respected just like everyone else's," said Maurer.

Before selecting the Calabasas home, Bieber had been interested in another home in the L.A. area, which Ashton Kutcher was previously renting.

Kutcher ended up buying the home in question after Bieber showed an interest in it, the "Two and a Half Men" star explained on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" last week.

"I had to buy the house because I thought he was going to buy it out from under me," Kutcher, 34, said of Bieber. "I was like 'I don't want to lose this house.' He forced me to buy a house."

Kutcher added jokingly, "He's trying to steal my swagger."

Bieber and Kutcher have been working together on the new "Punk'd" series, which Kutcher co-created. While Kutcher serves as executive producer, Bieber was the first of many rotating celebrity guests on the show.

In addition to hosting the season premiere of "Punk'd," Bieber has recently released the first single, "Boyfriend," off of his upcoming album, entitled "Believe."

"Boyfriend" has been met with tremendous success, selling over half a million downloads during its first week, earning Bieber the second highest number of first week sales ever.