Justin Bieber Calls Mariah Yeater a Weasel on David Letterman (Video)

Last night Justin Bieber was on a taped segment with David Letterman where they took turns bashing his accusing baby's mama.

Bieber than explained to Letterman about providing his DNA for comparison and said, "Yeah, I took it ... They just swab your mouth."

Now that Bieber has taken the DNA test and text messages have been released revealing who the baby's real father is, Mariah Yeater has been incognito.

"I could smell a weasel," Letterman said on the show to which Bieber replied, "I could smell a weasel, too."

He took it in his stride and said, "I'm 17, but I mean it's going to happen being in the spotlight... people can say whatever.”

Watch the video below.

Neither Yeater nor her lawyers have responded to Bieber's team about offering up the baby's DNA to compare the results.

Sources close to Bieber said they do not believe Yeater will provide any DNA from the baby, because it would only prove Bieber to be in the right and help him as evidence in court, according to TMZ.

Many skeptics assume Yeater filed the lawsuit in an attempt to receive money from the teenage heartthrob.

Celebrity gossip website Lalate reported Yeater is currently unemployed, and she has been unemployed since March 15, 2011. She started her previous job about two months before on Jan. 15.

The website revealed Yeater never filed a tax return in California, but in the last 12 months claimed an average paycheck of $125 a month. She made an additional $500 a month on public assistance and food stamps, and was reportedly on food stamps at the time of going to Bieber's concert the night they allegedly had relations.

Many photographs of the 20-year-old were posted on the Internet and various websites were made just to abuse Yeater. "Mariah Yeater Say Away From Bieber” is a website with thousands of comments spewing hate at the woman.

While Bieber's fans provide their moral support and voice their anger on social networking websites like Twitter and Facebook, Justin Bieber is staying seemingly cool.

Bieber recently tweeted: "So I'm going to ignore the rumors...and focus on what is real. an opportunity to help by doing what i love. Judge me on the music! Love yall!"