Justin Bieber Defends Himself and Lil Twist in Wake of DUI Arrest

Justin Bieber is standing by his friend, Lil Twist, in the wake of his DUI arrest in California, even as people close to the pop star say that the young rapper is a bad influence on him.

Sources close to Bieber revealed that they are encouraging him to make Lil Twist move out of his California mansion given the spat of questionable behavior the two have participated in recent months, including smoking marijuana and drinking.

Lil Twist, a Young Money rapper who was born Christopher Moore, had previously addressed the accusations that he is a bad influence on the global pop icon.

After similar headlines followed for months, Twist took to his Instagram account to speak out against the claims that he is the reason for Bieber's seemingly rebellious attitude as of late.

"I'm no influence, and I'm not running round claiming to be this role model… I live life, I'm a young adult who makes mistakes, (expletive) ups, #baddecisions , whatever u wanna call them like the rest of the (expletive) civilians in America," Twist wrote on the social media picture sharing website. "But it makes u more of a bad person to sit home and judge someone u haven't took the time to learn about."

The rapper's rant didn't end there. He specifically spoke out about his issues with the media who have pegged him as the reason that the famous Canadian singer was allegedly smoking marijuana, having wild parties and engaging in aggressive behavior.

"To the (expletive) media, the people on the teams that smiles in your face then 'try' to bash your name when u walk off.. u know the people that I don't give 1 (expletive) about… I'm disgusted by your actions," Twist wrote on Instagram. "U know what I'm gonna clean up my act. #wildkidz #baddecisions."