Justin Bieber Drinking Underage?

Justin Bieber, 19, spent part of his weekend in a Houston, Texas night club drinking beer which some may deem an illegal act.

While Bieber is pictured in a TMZ report with a Dos Equis beer in his hand while at Nox Houston, the Canadian teenager is no stranger to enjoying a brew. In a previous issue of GQ magazine he spoke about staying in control while delighting in an occasional alcoholic beverage.

"For me, it's just like, I like to be in control of myself. I mean, I've had a beer, like, before," Bieber admitted in the magazine last year. "But I never get out of control."

Still, a source reportedly told StarzUncut.com that Bieber and his entertainer ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez were drinking during the Toronto Film Festival where her latest movie "Spring Breakers" premiered last year.

"They are party animals and both major light weights when it comes to drinking. Out here the drinking age is 19 and the Biebs is only 18 years old," the source reportedly said. "I know Selena is 20 years old, was she really contributing to a minor? Later in the night Bieber was buzzed."

However, Bieber reportedly has a contract with his mother Pattie Mallette and management that will keep him from drinking until the age 21, according to Now magazine reports

"Justin's had a pledge drawn up by his attorney vowing not to touch alcohol until he turns 21 and gave it to his mum, copying in his mentor Usher," a source reportedly told the publication.

While it is unclear whether Bieber does have a pact with his mother, Mallette has faith in her son doing the right things.

"(I'm) not naïve to think that my child is perfect and making all the best decisions of his life," Mallette recently told Bravo host Andy Cohen earlier this year. "I definitely think he's getting a bad rap ... He knows what I disagree with, and he knows all the things that I'm really proud of him for, too."