Justin Bieber Gets Mentored By Will Smith Weekly

Justin Bieber is opening up about the weekly counseling he receives from 45-year-old actor Will Smith.

In his first interview in nine months, the 19-year-old Canadian crooner and his manager Scooter Braun revealed how much of a mentor Smith is to the singer to The Hollywood Reporter. After going through a tough time last May, Braun said Bieber was touched to know how invested Smith was in him.

"He said, 'Man, that makes me feel so loved,'" Braun told THR of Bieber's reaction to Smith reaching out to him. "'I woke up, and there's Will Smith, one of, if not the, biggest movie stars on the planet. He took time out of his day for me.' "

Braun said Smith and Bieber speak each week about any issues that the singer may have in his life. However, the movie star told Braun that Bieber needs to go through the growing pains detailed in media headlines almost weekly.

"He's telling me: 'Justin's got to go through it. You can't stop him from going through it,'" Braun revealed about Smith's insight on Bieber. "'That's youth in itself. He's a young man who's growing up, and that's what makes him interesting and relatable. Otherwise, he'd be some kind of weird robot.'"

Earlier this year Smith, whose 15-year-old son Jaden has been public about his friendship with 19-year-old Bieber, defended the Canadian pop star amid negative media reports.

"We think it hugely important to support young artists, there is a war against that kind of artistry, that kind of creation," Smith told Extra correspondent Angie Martinez at the premiere of "Free Angela And All Political Prisoners." "When somebody is 19 years old, they're gonna do what they're gonna do just like we did."

Bieber has made media headlines for his alleged trysts with strippers, marijuana use, social media rants, parties, aggression and performing his recent shows later than scheduled. Although Bieber has also defended his recent actions in the media, Smith said he has made it clear that his son's friend can always look to him for support.

"For me the most important thing was for him to know anytime he can call and I'll come whatever happens," Smith said at the movie premiere. "At that age that's what you need to know you can do what ya gonna do, but you have somewhere you can go, where you can find safety."