Justin Bieber Helping the Shelter That Saved His Mother

Justin Bieber has made it his mission to help save The Bethesda Centre in London, Ont., the shelter for pregnant teenagers where the singer's mother was pregnant with him.

After word got out that the shelter was struggling financially and could possibly be forced to close down due to lack of funding, Bieber decided to donate some money from his song "Turn to You" to the center. The song was made as a dedication to his mother and tells the story of her struggle as a teenage mom.

Pattie Mallette, Bieber's mother, tweeted about the importance of saving Bethesda which needs $1.5 million to keep its doors open.

"Please help me save these young girls," Mallette tweeted Thursday. "They have nowhere else to go."

The Save Bethesda committee, has raised $103,696 so far. However, the Salvation Army said it will close the shelter on June 30 if they are unable to come up with the full $1.5 million by May 31.

Sarah Brooks, a spokesperson for the group which is trying to save the shelter, explained how the center once helped Bieber and his mother. Brooks said she once stayed with Mallette in Bethesda.

"Pattie was just like any of the other girls. We were all in the same situation," Brooks said in a London Free Press Report. "Nobody knew this little baby, Justin, was going to become famous. She was just our friend."

The Salvation Army released a statement to thank Bieber for his donation.

"The Salvation Army is very grateful to Justin Bieber for his efforts to help save the Bethesda Centre," the statement said. "We are sincerely hopeful that the proceeds from his newly released song will help raise the required $1.5 million by May 31st."

Brooks has said that she hopes Bieber's legion of fans will also be inspired to follow suit and donate to the shelter. She explained the importance of the home for pregnant teenagers.

"It offers hope it offer opportunity," Brooks said in the London Free Press report. "Without that center, where will these girls go?"

To donate to The Bethesda Centre please visit the donation site HERE.