Justin Bieber Impersonator Arrest: 12-Year-Old Sexually Abused

lee moirToronto Police ReportMan charged as Justin Bieber impersonator in child sex case.

A 34 year-old Justin Bieber impersonator has been arrested in relation to a child sex case, after posing to be the 18 year-old pop icon on Facebook.

Lee Moir was arrested in Canada after being charged with sexually abusing a 12 year-old girl from New Jersey; additional charges include manufacturing pornography and extortion.

Moir seduced the young girl into performing sexual acts on a webcam by pretending to be Justin Bieber on a fake Facebook. Once the girl became weary of the situation she refused to comply any further and ceased contact with Moir who then responded by threatening to harm members of her family.

A police investigation was launched and Moir found out after an undercover officer posed as a 14 year-old girl on Facebook. Moir engaged the officer in sexual conversation and also tried to schedule a meet up. He was arrested on April 4th after attempting to meet with the presumed 14 year-old.

"This arrest highlights both the danger posed to children online as well as the best efforts of law enforcement authorities throughout the world to apprehend these child predators who exploit the wide reach and perceived anonymity of the Internet to take advantage of vulnerable children," said Assistant Prosecutor Deborah Freier, of the Essex County Prosecutor's Office according to the Huffington Post.

The investigation remains pending on Moir as police suspect that he may have also engaged with juveniles in the United States, Canada, France, Australia and the Philippines.

Moir who has accounts on both Facebook and ooVoo, has used the names Justy.beber1, Lee O'Neel,Yodayoda001. Police have asked that anyone with further details concerning the case come forward.

The girls parents have come under question, some wondering how the incident occurred in the first place.

"Why weren't the parents supervising their child's internet usage? And why does a child that young have a webcam?" Klimtkiss asked on the Huffington blog.

Others offered prayers for the young girl.

"I hate stories like this one where adults try to or do destroy the lives of children. I hope this animal gets life in prison because they will only repeat there crimes when they are released, and who knows this animal might kill a child next time. God bless this young lady," Kim Moore2011 said.