Justin Bieber in Trouble Because of Tweets?

Justin Bieber, 18-year-old Canadian crooner, is under fire after his Twitter mistake resulted in Texas residents receiving thousands of calls earlier this month. Now, the couple is looking to take legal action against the singer.

Bieber told 19 million Twitter followers to call him, before posting a fictitious phone number. Although Bieber left two digits out of the nine digit telephone number that was posted, his fans managed to dial several combinations that connected them with real people.

Dilcie and Kent, female and male Texas residents who chose to leave their last names out of media reports, were victims of thousands of phone calls from Bieber fans who were attempting to reach the singer. The calls reportedly came into the households of the two at all hours of the night, causing them to seek restitution. Kent reportedly would like endorsements from Bieber for his start-up company; while Dilcie reportedly wants concert tickets for her grandchildren. According to ABC News, both said they would also accept cash.

Kent described the aggravation that he felt after receiving calls from Bieber fans to ABC News.

"They said 'is this Justin Bieber,'" Kent said. "I was getting three calls a second and as fast as I could hang up the phone it kept ringing and ringing with area codes from around the country."

Still, Kent said he did not want to change his number.

"I've had that number for 20 years," Kent said. "I can't see (myself) giving it up."

Kent is not the only victim of Bieber's telephone tweets. In 2010, Bieber tweeted the number of former fan Kevin Kristopik to his estimated four million followers at the time.

After Kristopik sent unwanted text messages to Bieber's cell phone, the singer tweeted his phone number which resulted in over 26,000 text messages and calls, according to the Detroit Free Press. Still, Kent said he would like to be friendly with the pop star.

"I'd love to be Justin's friend," Kent told ABC News. "Call me, you have my number."