Justin Bieber Jail Time Could Be Six Months for Battery Charge

Teen pop star Justin Bieber could be facing six months in jail for misdemeanor battery charges stemming from late May, when he allegedly punched a photographer while walking to his vehicle parked at The Commons mall in Calabasas, Calif.

Multiple reports, including from the Daily Mail and PreFix Magazine, are citing a six-month sentence for the young star, should he be found guilty.

Bieber, 18, was reportedly leaving the movie theater located at The Commons on the afternoon of May 27 when paparazzi attempted to snap photos of him.

The Canadian crooner allegedly engaged in a physical altercation with one of the photographers, who promptly called 911 while Bieber and his girlfriend, pop icon Selena Gomez, left the scene.

The photographer was taken to the hospital and discharged shortly after, but filed a complaint of misdemeanor battery against the teen.

Bieber's fans, known endearingly as "Beliebers," are standing by his side as further information regarding the accusations, as well as the six-month prison sentence, leak forward.

"If Justin Bieber ever went to jail, 99.9% of Beliebers would commit a crime just so they can be in the same cell as Justin Bieber," one fan jokingly tweeted.

Many of America's youth have a love/hate relationship with the singer, and the Twitter comments made by several users reflect this relationship.

"I can't stop laughing. I hope he does get the 6 months," tweeted one user.

"Justin Bieber is spending six months in jail... I can't breathe. Is it just me who finds this hilarious...?" tweeted another user.

Bieber has reportedly remained closed mouthed on the incident, as just last week he was busy performing concerts in Norway and Paris.