Justin Bieber Kicks off July 4 Celebrations in Miami; Singer With Chantel Jeffries? (PHOTOS)

(PHOTO) Instagram: @chanteljeffriesChantel Jeffries with Justin Bieber and a friend

Justin Bieber kicked off July 4 celebrations on a luxury yacht in Miami on Thursday, the same day Chantel Jeffries made her way to the popular vacation city.

Dressed in knee-length shorts and a grey hat, a shirtless Bieber, 20, was photographed aboard the luxury vessel with a drink in hand while soaking up some sun. While there was no sign of Jeffries, a telling tweet led fans to speculate whether the pair plans to reunite in Miami.

"Off to the Mia," Jeffries tweeted Thursday along with a peace sign emoji.

The pair, who were linked earlier this year and sparked romance rumors, have been spending more time together in recent days,

Last week the self-described model was photographed leaving the pop star's Los Angeles home. Days later on June 30, she shared a photo of herself and a friend with Bieber sandwiched in between.

Two unidentified females were seen making their way to Bieber's yacht yesterday, however, it is unclear what their relationship is to the "Confident" singer.

Meanwhile Bieber's on-and-off girlfriend Selena Gomez is said to be devastated after seeing photos of Bieber's reunion with Jeffries.

(Photograph: Justin Bieber/Instagram)"Love the way you look at me," Bieber captioned the Instagram photograph.

The former Disney star reconciled with Bieber last month following their split in April, but he refuses to cut ties with Jeffries which reportedly sparked a new fight.

"[The fight] was over other girls, she found out Justin is still talking to a lot of other girls when he promised to stop," a source told HollywoodLife.com.

"Chantel Jeffries was one of them and Miley Cyrus. Selena totally believed Justin, so when she found out he wasn't being totally honest she freaked out on him," the insider explained.

In recent weeks Bieber and Gomez appeared to be mending their relationship following a series of romantic dates but the recent photos of other girls have allegedly caused friction.

"He did what he always does and got super defensive — and now they're not talking and Selena is hysterical. Seeing Justin with other girls is horrible for her, it's driving her crazy," the source said. "She doesn't understand why he does this to her, and she doesn't know what to do. He's got her questioning everything."