Justin Bieber New Eagle Tattoo (Photo): Singer Posts Picture on Twitter

Justin Bieber recently added another tattoo to his left arm sleeve in the form of an eagle.

Bieber, the 19-year-old Canadian crooner, is currently on his "Believe" tour in Australia. After a concert stop down under, Bieber let fans know that he was going to get another inking. This time it would be an eagle on his left shoulder.

"Just got off stage bout to get tatted," Bieber tweeted to millions of fans.

He followed the tweets with several images giving fans a glimpse of the process with the captions "Fresh new tat," "eagle," and "Yep."

While it is not yet clear what the tattoo means to Bieber, the Christian singer has inked many religious themes on his body. Last September, Bieber got a tattoo of Psalm 119:105 on his shoulder that reads: "Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path."

In July, he got a tattoo of an eye on his arm which was inspired by his mother Pattie Mallette.

Keith "Bang Bang" McCurdy, the New York City-based tattoo artist behind Bieber's eye tattoo explained the singer's fascination with body art. The singer who has over 20 tattoos may be addicted to getting the body art, according to McCurdy.

"I'm not sure what his next tattoo will be, but we both joked about how we are addicted to tattoos," he previously told E! News. "He joked, saying he's only 19, and he already has this many tattoos.

After one of Bieber's many inkings this year, Mallette admitted that she wasn't always informed about his decisions to get new tattoos. Bieber's mother found out about his "X" tattoo in the media the same way many of his fans did.

Mallette went on WLNY-TV's The Couch earlier this year where she expressed surprise concerning her son's tattoo.

"See, sometimes I find out things like this … the same way as everyone else," she told WLNY-TV host Carolina Bermudez. "I saw that like seriously five minutes before I came on [The Couch]. I was looking at something and I said, 'Is that a new tattoo?'"