Justin Bieber New Hairstyle Looks Like Rihanna's, Miley Cyrus? (PHOTOS)

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(PHOTO) Twitter: @jonsku98Justin Bieber poses with a fan

Justin Bieber debuted a new hairstyle during a meet-and-greet event for fans on Saturday and the new look has divided his beliebers.

The 19-year-old pop star showed off lighter locks and a partially shaved head while posing for photos with fans in recent days forcing many into a frenzy over his drastic new look. Some critics likened the new do to the likes of singers Rihanna and Miley Cyrus on social networking site Twitter.

"HAHAHAHA oh Justin Bieber's hair cut oh man, he looks like Miley Cyrus, someone please just make him stop," Joshua tweeted

"What the ---- has Justin Bieber done to his hair! Is he trying to look like Rihanna!! WTF! Haha," Loquacious tweeted.

"Its funny that so many beliebers are reacting on @justinbieber new hair cut I think he is pretty no matter what I love him for the way he is," Amalie tweeted.

"Tbqh all these so called 'belibers' shouldn't even care how justin has his hair if you loved him that much you'd ❤ his hair @justinbieber," Tomlinson tweeted.

(PHOTO/Miley Cyrus) Twitter: ‏@KleineSchoft
(PHOTO) Youtube/VEVO - RihannaRihanna films the video for "Take A Bow"

While for most people haircuts are no big deal, for Bieber it could mean potentially losing a portion of his 37 million Twitter followers.

(PHOTO) Twitter: @robyntyrerJustin Bieber poses with a fan

In 2011 the previously spike haired singer reportedly lost a whopping 80,000 followers after debuting a new hairstyle. This has never been confirmed.

"Apparently, when he announced news of his new 'do, 80,000 little girls collectively punched their computers, stomped on their Bratz dolls, and, after calming down and thinking rationally, decided the best thing to do was to stop following him on Twitter," HollyScoop's Kristin Won wrote.

Some fans are questioning whether Bieber's new look is an attempt to revamp his image following a series of controversy in recent months.

In addition to arriving late to his opening UK show, Bieber almost came to blows with paparazzi who were waiting outside of his London hotel.