Justin Bieber New Song 2013: Hearthbreaker Leaked on 'The Key' Fragrance Ad (Watch Video, Photo)

Canadian pop sensation Justin Bieber has launched the promo for his new perfume The Key giving his fans a taste of his most awaited new song "Heartbreaker."

(Photo: YouTube/The Key Promo Screen Shot)Justin Bieber in new Fragrance 'The Key' Promo Video.

Bieber had started a countdown to the launche on his website, but when the time came the video actually touched down nearly five hours after the promised time, frustrating eagerly awaiting fans.

On his Twitter, the singer explained that there were technical difficulties in launching the commercial from his tour bus: "U know when u are trying to be all smooth & sexy & release something cool on a countdown & then your bus internet suckis…#buslifeproblems," Bieber wrote.

"Everyone sit tight. we are gonna pull over and handle this for you. i need to give you all this gift. #TheKey…"

(Photo: YouTube/The Key Promo Screen Shot)Justin Bieber's new Fragrance 'The Key' Promo Video features beautiful girl sleeping in a hotel.

In the 31 second ad, Bieber pulls up outside a hotel. Inside the hotel he gets a key and walks to a room where a girl is sleeping in a bed clutching a key.

The Key is Bieber's third fragrance and is described as "Energetic with a sexy splash of sparkling freshness."

The 19-year-old previously explained that a key motif was a message to his fans to believe in their dreams.

"The new fragrance will represent how much I believe in our connection by giving them something that is personal to me. It represents the love between us and I think it will mean a lot to them, like it does for me."

Watch the The Key Fragrance Promo Video here: