Justin Bieber Overalls Criticized: 'Disrespectful' for Prime Minister (PHOTO)

Justin Bieber was honored by the Canadian Prime minister over the weekend for bringing recognition to his country. The kind of recognition however, that he received for his outfit at the event was less rewarding.

Justin Bieber appeared on stage to accept the Diamond Jubilee Medal, which is awarded to those who have made a significant contribution to a particular province or region in Canada. Bieber attended the event with his family according to Julie Vaux, a spokeswoman for the prime minister, who spoke with CTV. She described the encounter between Bieber and the prime minister as "light-hearted."

"It was a light-hearted thing," she told CTV. "Justin Bieber is a ping pong player so they talked about ping pong and that they should meet and play ping pong next time."

But despite putting on a charming face for the public, the public appeared to find Bieber's outfit less charming. The singer wore a pair of blue striped overalls with one shoulder unbuttoned. He wore a white undershirt beneath the overalls and finished the look with a backwards baseball cap.

"What a disrespectful way to dress to receive such an award. If he couldn't afford anything better that would be fine but to come dressed as if he just came in from 'sloping the hogs', is just not right," one user criticized on the CTV blog.

But Bieber did not appear ashamed of the look on his Twitter account. The singer posted a photo taken of him wearing the overalls, standing next to the prime minister. He also made light of the stunt by adding a comment to the photo.

"I met the Prime Minister in overalls lol," Bieber tweeted.

Fans on Twitter were also critical of the star, stating that his comment was "naïve" and that his attire was "disrespectful."