Justin Bieber Receives Support From Ariana Grande, Music Industry Peers

Justin Bieber is receiving support from is music industry peers despite encountering some legal woes.

(PHOTO) Reuters/Carlos JassoPop singer Justin Bieber in Punta Chame, on the outskirts of Panama City

Bieber, the 19-year-old Canadian crooner, returned to his home country where he turned himself into police custody one month after being accused of assaulting a limousine driver. The news comes after he was was arrested in Miami last week for a DUI.

Aside from his recent arrest, Bieber has been scrutinized after being accused of egging his neighbor's home which could lead to legal trouble, along with other aggressive behavior. Still, Bieber's music industry peers are offering him support.

Ariana Grande, the 20-year-old singer who toured with Bieber last year, recently spoke to the radio station MIX 104.1 about people being too harsh when joking about the singer's legal troubles.

"I think it's really serious. I've seen tweets of people making fun of the mug shot and all this stuff, and it's so ignorant," she said. "It's gotten to a point where I just want him to be okay. It's this very serious thing. And it's not just like a kid who's, you know, screwing around. It's dangerous. It's very serious and upsetting."

Grande's ex-boyfriend and fellow singer Nathan Sykes of The Wanted, took to Twitter to publicly speak well of Bieber.

"Gotta take a moment to say, people talk about @justinbieber's personal life so much they forget how talented he actually is," Sykes tweeted. "Genuinely a fan."

A number of music industry veterans like Backstreet Boys' AJ McLean said he was interested in mentoring Bieber.

"One of the first things I would say is one of the tattoos that I have on me that says, 'What are you doing?'" McLean told People. "Are you trying to prove something to yourself? Are you trying to prove something to the press and the media? Are you trying to flip everyone the bird and say, 'I can do what I want!'? Or are you trying to ask for help and you're not going about it the right way?"

McClean said Bieber could be seeking some help.

"This could be a cry for help for all we know…," McLean told People. "Obviously he has to go through what he's going through, and hopefully he comes out the other end a better, stronger human being."