Justin Bieber Refuses to Cut Off Chantel Jeffries for Selena Gomez? 'She Can't Trust Him'

(PHOTO) Instagram: @chanteljeffriesChantel Jeffries with Justin Bieber and a friend

Justin Bieber recently reunited with Chantel Jeffries and while reports claim his girlfriend Selena Gomez is furious, insiders claim he refuses to cut ties with the model.

On Thursday, Jeffries, who was linked to Bieber earlier this year, was photographed leaving the pop star's Los Angeles home. Days later on June 30, the model shared a photo of herself and a friend with Bieber sandwiched in between and Gomez was reportedly devastated.

"Justin posted those pictures with Chantel to hurt Selena; he knows how to push her buttons," a source told HollywoodLife.com. "She always comes back to him when he treats her mean so there's no reason for him to change."

(PHOTO) Instagram: @DaveophillyJustin Bieber and Selena Gomez pose alongside a police escort and SBE rep Dave Osokow

Bieber, 20, and Gomez, 21, appeared to be stronger than ever following their reconciliation last month, however, Jeffries' recent return to the scene is now threatening their bond. Last week the couple, who has dated on and of since 2011, appeared to be in good spirits following a series of romantic dates however things took a turn for the worse when Gomez reportedly went snooping.

"The whole drama between Sel and Justin started when she saw three text messages between him and Chantel. He promised that they were just friends but when she read the texts from Chantel, Selena was like, 'No way,' because they were so flirty — like, 'Babe, I miss you' with little heart emojis," another insider revealed.

"Justin basically freaked out that she went through his cell phone, and he said he could do whatever he wanted," the source continued. "Sel feels like she just can't trust him and has the sick feeling inside that he's isn't being faithful."

The "Confident" singer and the former Disney stay reportedly split in April following a fight at Coachella, but they were able to put their differences aside recently and rekindle their relationship. It is unclear why exactly Bieber reunited with Jeffries however a source claims there may be causes for suspicion on Gomez's part.

"[He's] still into Chantel ... There's unfinished business between them; he thinks she's hot and he's so impressed that she never sold him out like she could have, so he's down to show her some love, especially when he's fighting with Selena," the source said.