Justin Bieber Retiring 'Officially?'

Justin Bieber rumors this week once again suggest that the teen pop star is poised for retirement in the near future.

The "Baby" singer made headlines earlier this month during a radio interview in Los Angeles where he said he was retiring from music.

Then, on Christmas Eve, Bieber took to Twitter with "official" news, addressing his fans as "Beliebers."

"My beloved Beliebers I'm officially retiring," the 19-year-old wrote to his millions of Twitter followers.

Bieber followed the post up with an ambiguous tweet, which referred to his contentious relationship with the media.

"The media talks a lot about me," he wrote. "They make up a lot of lies and want me to fail but I'm never leaving you, being a belieber is a lifestyle."

Minutes later, the pop star added, "Be kind and loving to each other, forgive each other as god forgave us through Christ Merry Christmas IM HERE FOREVER."

On Christmas Day, Bieber reiterated, "Merry Christmas everyone. Be kind to one another."

The official retirement news comes just one week after Bieber told L.A.'s Power 106 that he was finished with his music career after his latest album drops next week.

"I'm retiring…" the teen idol said. "I'm taking a… I'm just gonna take some time. I think I'm probably gonna quit music."

However, sources at GossipCop dismissed the announcement as a joke.

"Of course it's not true," said another source at E! News.

Furthermore, Bieber's manager Scooter Braun tried to set the record straight when the retirement rumors first arose.

"This is the fun thing about these [videos] people post- they're only a certain amount of time, so they cut off before the rest of the statement when he says, 'just kidding,'" said Braun speaking to Access Hollywood.

"He hasn't taken time off since he was 12… He knows he wants it, and wants to spend time with his family," he added.

"I think for his well being at 19, 20 years old, [it's good for him] to take time for himself, to figure out who he wants to be," the famed manager concluded.

Meanwhile, Bieber's concert documentary "Believe" hit theaters everywhere on Christmas Day.

Also, his new work, "Journals," is comprised of 10 previously released songs from his "Music Mondays" promotion, according to Billboard. The album is priced at $13.99 and is available on iTunes from Dec. 16 to Jan. 2. 2014.